Mediatek is a Taiwanese semiconductor company that majorly deals with microprocessors found in most electronic devices ranging from TVs, DVDs, sound systems, washing machines etc and mainly smartphone CPU. Mediatek is known for manufacturing low cost chips compared to other players such as intel and snapdragon, although they have had some issues in the past in terms of quality, but they have come a long way.
Mediatek mainly uses ARM architecture for building their chips. Their portfolio ranges from 32bit single core CPU, running at hundreds of MHZ, though such have since been outdated and hence discontinued, to more recent 64bit decacore  (10 core) cpu, the beastly  helio X20.
Some of the major issues that Mediatek has had to face is major criticism since earlier, they didn’t release the                                                             for their chips hence making phones using the chips hard to update. However, with new partnership and agreement with Google, they have had to adopt.
Another major issue was Mediatek being associated with low cost and inmost cases cheap and crappy chinese phones and clones. This made major companies shy away from using their chips and so its rare to find a Samsung phone with this chip. However, they have managed to by pass this to some extent, especially with the new 64 bit CPUs that have proven to be quite beastly but still affordable. Also With quite some powerful yet affordable 32bit multicore CPU, they have mamaged to get these chips into major brands like HTC, Lenovo and Sony.

The African market is mainly budget shoppers and so this is the most common chips you will find in most phones. Eg some huawei, sony, htc, lenovo and of course   Tecno, infinix, Wiko, yx-tel, itel, innjoo, and almost all other low cost Chinese phones.
In our next review we are going to look at most common chips and phones using them. Make sure to look it up.
MediaTek 6782.


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