They form a basic need nowadays.


Long gone are the days when food, shelter and clothes held this tittle. Don’t believe me, just walk around see all the homeless  fellows living around, as for food, models are starving themselves, faithful are fasting and well, as for clothes, not many people are spending on them anymore. Especially people from the west, and locally, we all know HU-DDAH’S that. Pun intended.
Smartphone have become THE basic commodity, from a parent who just wants to spy on their teenage children’s life, a cheating husband who wants to keep wife and mistress(es) happy, a student who wants to study, a fan stocking a favourite celebrity, a wannabe socialite showing off nude pics, a curious teenager searching for porn and well, there is the good faithful searching for a portable Bible, an avid gamer who cant afford the PSP. All these people, to mention but a few, all use their smartphone.


The most basic and true definition of a smartphone is, a handheld mobile computer. Its a computer since it has all basic parts of a computer, eg, input devices (touch screen) output (speakers) etc, CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, etc. Its also does the basic machine processes. It may not be as powerful as mainframes or desktops but still quite capable.
So yes, it is a basic commodity. You are more likely to forget carrying a handkerchief than your phone. Its easier to remember you phone pin than your mums birthday. So yes, its a basic need for everyone. Okay, save for minors, (under 10) and elderly (over 70).
Simply put, in this day and age, you cant survive without one. Its part of your life now.!


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